City addresses bubbling at Lake and Sale construction site

The following is a statement from John Cardone with the City of Lake Charles:

Reports of some bubbling going on around the construction site at Lake & Sale started coming in this morning.  

Work crews were busy with driving 60 foot pilings 40 feet into the ground as part of the replacement for the Contraband Bayou Bridge when they noticed some bubbling at the base of one of the pilings.

They called gas company, water and sewer folks and found that they had not struck any utility lines…so they called in the fire department for additional tests and the DEQ…and all tests proved the bubbling was not being caused by anything hazardous. 

They theorize the bubbling is being caused by decomposing marsh material.  Right now they are monitoring the situation and once workers are back to work after the holiday they'll re-assess the situation before continuing on with the bridge project. 

They want to make sure the decomposing material won't cause any further problems before continuing.  

Again, city officials want to emphasize all tests have shown the bubbling is NOT caused by anything hazardous.