Cameron OEP monitoring conditions in Gulf

It's windy from observation tower at the Jetty Pier in Cameron Parish.  At mid afternoon, security here estimated winds at about forty miles an hour. Companies had brought workers in from offshore and Cameron emergency officials were closely monitoring the situation.

Emergency operations Director Eddie Benoit says they're not expecting much of a punch from tropical storm Lee-- still. "The roads, there may be some minor flooding in the normal areas--in front of the courthouse, Highway 82 between Cameron and Holly Beach. Highway 82 between Holly Beach and Johnson Bayou. But the sheriff's department is monitoring that and if water goes over the road they're going to let us know and we will notify the public."

Still winds have been picking up throughout the afternoon as the storm moves closer to land. And Benoit says anyone living in an RV should use their discretion and move to a safer place if they think it necessary. "If you live in a camper and you don't feel safe then we're asking you to move to a more sturdy structure.Some of the wind could get up in the 30 to 40 to 50 mile range if the rain bands come over us."

The Cameron School Board office has pulled down the storm shutters on their new building for the first time ever. We caught up with Superintendent Stephanie Rodrigue who says they've taken steps to prepare. "We had teachers take home their laptops and also take home any critical teaching materials, what they would need to pick up and teach again."

The new South Cameron school is higher and stronger--15 feet above sea level and designed to withstand 130 mile per hour winds. "We don't have any concerns here about rising water issues it's also very structurally sound so we hope it's also as wind resistant as it's supposed to be."

So, while everyone here expects little trouble from tropical storm lee, they'll be keeping an eye on the weather as it develops.

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