Blake "Blaze" Broussard struggles against cerebral palsy, still smiles

An 11 year old boy is now bed ridden after several surgeries suffering from cerebral palsy and other conditions. As Blake "Blaze" Broussard grew, so did his complications from the birth defect. Now he cannot eat and only receives nutrients through an IV tube. His mother, Crystal Jackson, is the primary caregiver and keeps track of the twelve medications he must take daily to stay alive.

"He's been through it do what you have to when he's yours," said Jackson.

Through all of this you can still catch a smile from Blake.

"If I can make him smile everyday and laugh I know I've done my job," smiled Jackson.

"Everything he's been through...he's steady and keeps a smile," said Rita Broussard, Blake's grandmother.

Jackson said Blake loves the outdoors, his stuffed animals and motorcycles. His mother and grandmother must take care of him around the clock to prevent any more infections like the ones that attacked his heart and lungs and then his intestine.

"There are times when you're human and you get worn out and you want to cry sometimes. Then he puts a smile back on your's worth everything," said Rita Broussard.

Even after several surgeries and a backpack full of medications, doctors have not given Blake a good prognosis.

"Only a matter of time before the TP (the liquid nutrients he is fed through an IV) starts shutting down the organs," said Jackson.

His grandmother still holds out hope, she said, for a higher power.

"We do know that he is in a lot of pain and a lot of suffering and I know he'd be running and playing and riding motorcycles and dancing when he gets to heaven," said a tearful Rita Broussard.

She said he is their "blaze of glory" and always will be.

The family is hosting a poker run for Blake Saturday, September 3, 2011, at 10am. The registration fee is $25 per bike which includes lunch. The family will also be selling plate lunches. The ride starts in Carlyss park and ends at Ponderosa Park in Westlake. Call (318) 481-0288 to register.

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