How to tell if your home sewerage system is working

Calcasieu Police Jurors will soon begin an inspection program to make sure home sewerage systems are working properly.

Southwest Louisiana is known for it's recreational opportunities-- boating, fishing and swimming. And if sewage runs out into the environment, this where it eventually winds up. Though it's first stop is in roadside ditches where parish officials say it can cause a threat to public health and the environment.

Wes Crain is assistant director of development. "Children, they like to go out and play. We certainly don't want them to get any kind of disease or anything like that and also, if you ski, if you fish, it's very important that we have clean water."

So, the parish is starting an inspection program. Crain says there are three main issues that determine if a system is working properly. "The electrical components, to make sure the electrical supply is up to code and good. We would inspect the blower motors on the system to make sure that they are operating. We'll also look inside the tanks to make sure that solids have not built up to the point where it's not functioning."

The sewer inspectors will check out your system. If it's approved they'll give it a green tag and if it's not approved they'll give it a red tag and on the back of the red tag, they'll tell you what's wrong.

Poorly treated sewage has been a big problem in the Moss Bluff area. It's one of the reasons Police Juror Shannon Spell ran for office. "I believe a majority of the people I represent were wanting a solution on this issue. And they're seeking a solution because they're concerned about the quality of the water in the ditches which is in front of their homes, and businesses throughout the community."

Parish Officials say they hope to work with people to correct problem systems and eventually eliminate what has been a chronic pollution problem in Calcasieu for decades.

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