School officials investigating "stabbing" incident at Bell City High

Calcasieu Sheriff's Deputies and the school board are investigating an incident at Bell City High School in which one student stabbed another with a ball-point pen.

At first glance a stabbing with an ink pen might not seem like a big deal-- but the parent of the 16 year old girl who was stabbed is speaking out about the handling of the incident and what she thinks should be done.

Becky Hutchins says last Thursday her 16 year old daughter came home from school with marks on her arm where she was stabbed with a ball-point pen after accidentally stepping on another girls foot between classes. It was caught on video by surveillance cameras. "She was stabbed with a ball-point pen through a school shirt and a jacket making three marks into her skin and causing bleeding."

She took photographs that show the injury the day it happened, and how on Friday and Saturday it seems to get worse and by Monday is bruised and swollen and Hutchins says infected. "Her arm has swollen and got infected with a large hematoma. She is now on antibiotics to prevent blood poisoning."

Hutchins is concerned about the way school officials handled the incident which she believes could have been much worse.  "Who's to say if she would have had a knife in her hand and this would've happened that she wouldn't have stabbed her with a knife. Or next time it might not be my child, it might be someone else or that child has a knife or they have ag class and If they have a screwdriver in their hand and they stab them with a screw driver. That could really hurt someone. When I contacted the school board they just made it seem like it was no big deal. It was not going to be considered in the zero tolerance policy because it was not in their terms a fight."

Hutchins says the girl who stabbed her 16 year old daughter was suspended for two days but she says the school board's no tolerance policy against fighting should apply.  "I think she should've been arrested, I think there should have been a report filed, I think they should have called me and I think she should have been expelled."

School Officials and the Sheriff's Department are investigating. We'll let you know as soon as we receive their findings.

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