Top reasons kids miss class

Kids and parents are just getting back into the swing of things for the new school year and as kids head back to class they aren't just picking up new school supplies. They can also carry home germs especially in such close quarters, said Amanda Bryant, infection control nurse at West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital.

Here are the top five reasons kids call in sick for school:

-       Cold and Flu Virus:

Viruses can spread like wildfire in classrooms as kids touch desks, pencils, other possibly infected items. Bryant adds that flu vaccinations are a great way to fend off the virus and each year your child receives a flu vaccine the more resistance he or she will accrue.

-       Stomach Flu:

The stomach flu can often be a fast-acting and miserable virus that knocks students off their feet. Bryant suggests limiting the child's intake of food while they are vomiting because, "the more they vomit the more dehydrated they become."

-       Sore Throat:

A sore throat could mean a case of strep, but the only way to find out is to see a doctor. Bryant suggests keeping your child home just in case and if they have a fever 100.4 degrees or above it is a definite sick day. "Yes they may have to miss, but they're also now going to infect all of the others [if they go to class]," said Bryant.

-       Pink Eye:

Pink eye is a very contagious infection in the eyelid that could be viral or bacterial. Bryant said this is also worth a trip to the doctor's office and a sick day to ensure the infection does not spread.

-       Ear ache:

Ear aches can be caused by allergies or an infection and though not contagious, the pain can be debilitating. Bryant added that over the counter pain killers can serve as an interim reliever until a doctors visit is possible.

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