Meth labs could be housed right next to you

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Sulphur police have raided three homes in the last seven days and found crystal meth labs. Police officials say it is a growing problem because of the readily available household goods used to make crystal meth and because these clandestine labs can pop up anywhere - outside in the woods, in an apartment unit or beautiful brick home. Four people were arrested last night in connection with a meth lab in Sulphur.

Officials are asking for people to become more aware of who their neighbors are and what these neighbors are doing. Any type of jittery behavior and lots of activity during odd hours of the night and day, should raise some flags. But the smell of chemicals like ammonia seeping from these homes should not only raise red flags but a call to authorities is warranted. Authorities say they would rather get a call about something suspicious and be wrong, than for neighbors to turn a blind eye and disaster happen later on.

These labs have been known to have tragic consequences to not only those who are cooking in the labs but also to innocent bystanders who may have the misfortune of living nearby. There was one case in the Atlanta, Georgia area where three children were killed in 2010 as a result from a meth lab explosion. Those children were toddlers.

Here in Louisiana, early Friday morning August 26, 2011, a meth lab explosion took place in a home near Baton Rouge. Fire officials say the blast was so great it burned the roof up.

Authorities urge neighbors to use their nose and common sense to report suspicious activity.