Lacassine residents upset about possible waste facility expansion

LACASSINE, LA (KPLC) - MBO Inc., doing business as Lacassine Oilfield Services, is asking the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Office of Conservation for a permit to expand its Lacassine facility by 30 acres. The grounds are currently at 100 acres.

Residents have already complained about the odor from the plant to Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.  However, they feel they are getting the run around.

Carol Talbott, Kelly Guidry and Michele Guidry are residents who live less than a quarter of a mile from the facility. They say they have voiced their outrage but the company, MBO, LLC says they have contacted all residents and that residents were fine with what they are doing. Talbott disagrees and would like MBO, LLC to point out which residents the company actually spoke with.

KPLC was on the scene when they smelled an odor so bad that this reporter had to use a breathing apparatus after completing her interviews on a nearby resident's property.  We also noticed a storm drain that pours into an area where cattle are grazing. That same drain, we are told, pours into the Lacassine bayou where people go fishing.  If the landfill is expanded another 30 acres, the landfill will reach the storm drain. Residents fear more contamination of their water supply along with their food source.

We'll have a statement from DNR, DEQ, and MBO, LLC doing business as Lacassine Oilfield Services on Sunday, August 28, 2011.