Red Cross chapters redirected

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Red Cross chapters of Southwest Louisiana are now going to be directed through the regional office located in Baton Rouge. The Red Cross is consolidating the administrative functions in these chapters as well as all other chapters within the entire organization.

Lake Charles Red Cross Chapter Executive Director Ralph Wright said this will help bring in more funding for programs and emergencies.

"Hopefully it's going to give us an opportunity to be able to give more funds to people when they have disasters," Wright said.

He said although many jobs are being sacrificed, it'll benefit the organization in the long-run.

"It's a painful process and it's not a fun process to go through. Nobody likes going through that kind of process," Wright said. "But we feel as an organization that it's something that had to be done."

Wright said the programs and services the Red Cross chapter provides will not be affected by this administrative consolidation. He said future plans are in the works for the Red Cross chapters in SWLA.

The chapters want to utilize the volunteers more and take advantage of the IT Department, which will help make it easier for volunteers to come in to the chapters for training and to volunteer with the organization.

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