Hospitals go mobile

Just like most businesses, Hospitals are going mobile. Mobile app, iTriage, features a symptom checker, emergency hotline listings and turn-by-turn directions to the nearest hospitals.

Janie Fruge, chief operating and nursing officer at West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital, said, "consumers are using technology to a great degree in their daily lives."

The app can help answer medical questions from heart problems to back pain. Fruge adds the name of the app says it all.

"Triage means sort and it is what we use to basically prioritize patients that need to be seen more quickly than others," said Fruge.

The app features waiting times for selected hospitals around the nation. App users can also access hospital locations and directions even while on the road.

"We often receive people from accidents or those that may be having a sudden illness as they're traveling," said Fruge.

The app can be downloaded on most mobile devices like androids, Blackberrys and iPhones. iVillage calls it "a must have mommy app."

"One of the great features is the hotline it has and one of those is the poison control number," added Fruge. She said the hotlines are very important if someone ingests something poisonous or in other emergency situations.

The only downside from reviewers is that you can only check one symptom at a time.

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