August 24, 2011 - Rogers Simon

Already serving in the Merchant Marines, Rogers Simon was drafted into the infantry in the U.S. Army during World War Two.  After training, he was shipped to France and eventually wound up in Germany.

"I joined the 99th Division when we crossed the Rhine river," said Simon.  "From there, we didn't have a whole lot of fighting to do.  We were just taking in the German soldiers that were giving up."

Simon wound up in Europe with General George Patton's troops. He vividly remembers the day they heard the war in Germany had ended.

"I was the cook of the outfit.  I was cooking.  We were in a barn.  I was cooking dinner.  Then they came in and told us the war was over.  I didn't stop cooking.  I didn't believe it."

Rogers says he was to have continued fighting in the Pacific theater, but that ended a short time later.

"As soon as the war was over, they took us out of Germany, brought us here for six more weeks of training.  Then we were going to Japan.  By the time we got through with that, the war was over in Japan."

Rogers Simon of Hackberry is this week's KPLC Hometown Patriot.

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