Congressman explains federal budget

REEVES, LA (KPLC) - Louisiana Congressman John Fleming met with residents of Reeves, La. on Friday, August 19 to explain and breakdown the federal budget.

"It's very challenging. It's not as simple as you might think to balance a budget under the current circumstances that we have," Fleming said on the national budget.

Reeves Mayor Scott Walker said there was some confusion on the budget. Walker invited Fleming to speak to residents at a town hall meeting to clear things up.

"I want to disperse all those rumors and get the clear picture from a man that is in the battle in Washington D.C.," Walker said.

Fleming explained Medicare and Medicaid and how money is running low for Medicare.

"If we don't do something, if we don't address this, then come 10 years we won't have a program for it," Fleming said.

The meeting lasted about two hours and residents presented questions to the Congressman. Fleming also announced a low interest loan of $3,440,000 to Reeves as well as a grant for $2,452,000. This money will help fund projects in Allan Parish.

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