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Pet transport company found and speaks, says they lost Igor the pug


After weeks of waiting to hear from Bluegrass Pet Transport company owner Bob Lawson, he finally called. The Juhala family anticipated their reunion with their precious pet pug named Igor.  However, the reunion was not to happen as Lawson called the family Tuesday night to say he had lost the pet at a rest stop at the Atchafalaya Welcome Center near mile marker 123.

Lawson says he had Igor on a harness and leash with his tags, when Igor heard a loud noise and got scared. He says Igor pulled away from him and ran, heading towards the on ramp for I-10 W.

The Juhala's have offered a reward for the safe return of the fifth member of their family - Igor.


Original story August 19, 2011 below:

When the Juhala family prepared for a move to Southwest Louisiana in late July, they knew they'd have to make special arrangements for the family dog, Igor.  Igor is a pug and pugs are snub nosed breeds.  Those breeds are under flying restrictions due to their short noses and the extreme temperatures on board planes in the baggage area. 

Family members say they contacted a company that specializes in transporting pets, Blue Grass Transport.  Blue Grass Transport picked up Igor from their then-home in Warren, Michigan on July 26th.  A company representative told the Juhala family that Igor should arrive in Lake Charles by August 4th or 5th.  After the expected arrival date passed, family members said they tried contacting the company but calls either went unanswered or the numbers were disconnected. 

Nearly a month has passed and the family's settling in their new home but their pet has yet to arrive.

Since the incident, the Juhala family has contacted local authorities, humane societies, and other organizations. 

But those authorities tell the family that since Igor isn't a human being who is missing, it is not a criminal act. In fact, they tell the Juhala family that Igor's incident is a civil matter. Our Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's office tells us that the family should hire an attorney to best solve their problem.

Meanwhile, 3 year old Max and 7 year old Emma are without their best friend and snuggle buddy. If you have any information to the whereabouts of the people in charge of Blue Grass Pet Transport or Lawson Special Pet Transportation, email us here at KPLC and we'll relay the information to the family.   

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