Tuition fees for student organizations

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Tuition at McNeese State University is up 10-percent this year, and students may find themselves paying for extra fees.

The extra fees listed on fee bills are for student organizations, such as cheerleading, band, choir and debate team, among others. The extra costs range anywhere from $15 to $0.50.

Director of Public Information Candace Townsend said the money from these fees helps to support the organizations on campus by allowing the groups to do things they otherwise wouldn't have been able to do without the funding.

"Those fees are also giving them [students] either education or opportunities that will help them grow in the field," Townsend said.

She said the organizations listed that students are charged a fee for were all voted on by the student body. And getting the fees on the fee bill is a process.

"It has to go to our board of supervisors at University of Louisiana System to be approved," she said. "Then it goes on a ballot and depending on the up or down vote that students decide if they want it or not."

But some students think these charges are somewhat unfair.

"I feel as if you're in something you should pay for it. Not everybody else should pay for it," freshman Kelli Everett said.

"I don't care about it but at the same time I do because it's costing me money. I shouldn't have to pay," sophomore Eric Rodriguez said.

In the end, Townsend said by supporting certain organizations, it helps bring together the campus community. For example, by supporting the cheerleaders and the band, the school is able to afford school spirit events, like pep rallies.

It also helps attract students to the school when other students from around the state and country see good opportunities coming from McNeese, Townsend said.

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