New changes to wild hog hunting law

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - A change to a Louisiana wild hog hunting law went into effect Monday, August 15. The changes will allow hunters to hunt wild hog at night with any firearm and artificial light.

Wild hog has become a nuisance in Louisiana. They dig holes, damage trees and uproot crops. The hogs tend to reproduce at least two to three times a year with litters of up to 15 piglets, so pig population becomes a problem.

As a way to control the population and rid of problem pigs, the hunting law has eased up on its restrictions.

Wildlife and Fisheries Lieutenant Bobby Buatt said hunters still need to have a basic hunting license to hunt, but having a wild hog permit isn't necessary. However, there are still basic hunting regulations.

"Hunters are required to notify the Sheriff's office in the parish that they're hunting in of the location and time," Buatt said. "Even on private property, it's still required to contact the Sheriff's office in the parish."

Buatt said wild hog hunting ends on the last day of August and starts up again on the last day of February. He said hunting wild hogs at night once the season has ended can result in fines up to $350 plus 60 days in jail, and sometimes both.

However, hunting the hogs during the day will still be allowed.

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