Reynaud Middle School, heading towards right direction, enrollment up

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - First day of school for so many in Calcasieu Parish, August 15, 2011. And even though it is the first day for most in the area, some schools may be facing closure in the next year. One of those schools is Reynaud Middle School. The school is on a watch list (along with another area middle school). And two years ago Reynaud received a MOU contract - Memorandum of Understanding. The contract lasts three years.  In 2012, the MOU will expire. It is at this time, some school officials believe, the Calcasieu Parish School Board will review Reynaud Middle School's status and evaluate whether or not to leave it open.

Charlotte Gallemore, CPSB Administrative Director of Middle Schools, says that Reynaud has progressed again this year. Gallemore says Reynaud has many improvements over the last few years and she is very proud.

With enrollment playing such a big part in the school's future, CPSB Superintendent Wayne Savoy says, "I was really excited about the fact this morning we (Reynaud) have 154 students, and we still have children right now registering. So I'm really pleased with that!"

Carolyn Thomas-Clark, Reynaud Middle School Principal, says her school is implementing Differentiated Instruction and the Adolescent Literacy Model with fidelity. Thomas-Clark says those two new strategies will be the focus of Reynaud's professional development this year.

The school is hoping that the new plans will determine where students are deficient in their reading (whether it be fluency or comprehension). She says Reynaud is equipped with tools that they have at their disposal to use to help.

Reynaud Middle School student, Octavia Broussard was very vocal about her love for Reynaud.  She has heard the rumors of the school's closing but hopes the CPSB will leave the school open so she and other children like her can continue getting the "great education they are currently receiving".

Reynaud Middle School will be hosting their annual open house this Thursday, August 18th at 6:00pm. For more information contact 217-4800 ext. 6303 .

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