Man gets run over in his driveway, stepson is arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - On August 12, 2011, police were called twice to the same location on Shirley Drive in Jennings, Louisiana. The first call was a domestic dispute (around 10:30pm). On that call, police say that a woman who lives at the home was allegedly pushed by her son Sterlyn Vital. She didn't press charges. Police say all she wanted was to have her son removed from the property.  Police removed Vital at that time.

However, only 30 minutes later, police responded to another call at the same house (around 11:02pm). When police showed this time, they found 62 year old Gary Hawkins underneath a silver Cadillac car. Hawkins is the husband of the woman who originally made the first call.

As for Hawkins underneath the car, police say he was not breathing by the time they arrived. Neighbors say it looked as though the car had run over the man's torso. The car has been impounded at the area's Sheriff's Office.

Although the sequence of events are a little sketchy, officials think Vital somehow pinned Hawkins against a tree and eventually ran over him. The crash tore bark off the tree and Hawkins' body lay on the ground, under the car, between two trees. (see pic)

Neighbors in the area say they were used to hearing about Gary Hawkins and his 28 year old stepson, Sterlyn Vital fighting. Members of Hawkins' family say they heard from Gary last week. In that phone call, brother Wendell says his brother told him he was afraid for his well-being. Wendell says his brother was the victim of domestic abuse but was too prideful to share his pain with authorities.

A witness places Vital in the driver's seat of the vehicle that ran over Hawkins.

Sterlyn Vital is currently in the Jennings City Jail on one million dollar bond.

Police are still treating this case as an ongoing investigation.