Back to school jitters

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - As the new school year begins in Jeff Davis Parish, students find themselves transitioning from the summer-time to school-time routine.

Child and Adolescent Counselor Scott Riviere said parents should prepare their child at least one week before school. For example, parents should adjust the child's schedule by making bed time earlier.

"Summer-time to school transition can take getting used to up to two weeks," Riviere said. "Anything more than two weeks, parents should consider seeking help or advice."

Riviere also said that parents should stay positive when bringing kids to school, as a way to ease back-to-school nerves.

"It's common for kids to be nervous when going into a new school setting," he said.

Our Lady Immaculate (OLI) Catholic School in Jennings helped to eliminate any back-to-school jitters by celebrating the first day of school as students arrived to campus.

"Cheerleaders cheered for the students as they got out of cars," Nicole Reeves, Principal of OLI said. "The pastors were here and all the teachers were there."

Reeves said the school prepared for the first day by having an open house for students and parents to meet with the teachers, see the classrooms and bring school supplies.

"All summer long we made plans for back-to-school night," Reeves said.

She said this helps students become comfortable with coming back to school and seeing familiar faces.

"There's not too much that needs to be done," Reeves said. "So far the students feel very comfortable."

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