August 10, 2011 - Leo Bradley

As a truck driver for the U.S. Army during World War Two, Leo Bradley saw his share of battle in the Pacific.  He vividly remembers Kamikaze attacks on his fleet while traveling from Australia to New Guinea.

"They played ball with us..with the ships," said Bradley. "They had a one way trip.  They fueled one way into your smoke stack.  I saw one miss the ship I was on.  I said, "thank you Jesus."  He hit the water.  Boom.  You never saw him no more."

The Japanese used an English speaking radio personality named Tokyo Rose to intimidate U.S. Soldiers in the pacific.  Bradley remembers hearing her broadcasts.

"She'd play low-down blues for us.  Then she'd say "tonight you bloody Americans, I'll be sending 18 bombers over on you boys.  She wasn't lying.  And we'd be waiting."

And to this day, Bradley has nightmares about what he saw in wartime, including the Battle for Okinawa.

"Sometimes now I can't look at a war picture.  And when I look at it, I think that's where I was and sometimes my eyes get full."

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