School begins in Jeff Davis Parish

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - With the new school year starting, some changes may be in the Jeff Davis School Board's future.

Jeff Davis School Board Superintendent David Clayton said although they don't plan to rezone or redistrict anytime soon, they will start thinking about it.

"We have a lot of schools that are pretty full and we need to start looking at what we need to do for five to 10 years from now," Clayton said. "Possibly look at long range planning because a lot of our schools don't have extra space."

Clayton also said there will be changes in how dress codes are regulated.

"It is up to each local school's administration as to what is allowed, so we tell them [parents] to call their school and find out," he said.

But monitoring dress code is least of the School Board's worries. Especially for Jennings High School Principal Ben Oustalet whose main goal for this new school year is to make sure the school is a safe environment for students.

Oustalet said the school is well prepared for the new year.

"Everybody's excited, there's a lot of energy and we can't wait for students to come in the morning," he said.

Oustalet said this school year will present new opportunities to the students. Schools in the area are putting together an intervention program to keep students on track so graduation rates can increase and students can graduate in the four year span.

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