Lingerie store with a "naughty" side causing stir

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - They've only been open for a month, but a new lingerie store on Ryan Street is raising some eyebrows. Cindie's classifies themselves as a lingerie store with a "naughty side." They're located near the intersection of Prien Lake Road and according to some questionable novelty items can be seen from the street.

According to the city attorney Billy Loftin they did receive a complaint on July 12. Loftin said Lake Charles Police did investigate. "We sent officers there to the store and they did not find anything visible from the outside. However when they walked in there were adult items that were displayed on the back wall and the officers asked them to move them down. Out of an abundance of caution the store complied," said Loftin.

Another person taking issue with Cindie's is Rhonda LeFevre. LeFere has owned and operated the adult store "Love Shack" for the last ten years. Love Shack recently faced their own controversy when they expanded their operation from their Ryan Street location to include a larger store off Interstate-10 on Lakeshore Drive.

The City of Lake Charles passed an ordinance in December of 2010 for any future "sexually oriented businesses" to be opened in industrial zones. LeFevre believes Cindie's is an adult store masquerading as a lingerie store.

"They can say they are selling lingerie, but they are selling adult movies, adult novelty toys and other accessories and it's on Ryan Street. I don't care what percentage they are selling - they are an adult store," said LeFevre. "They made an example out of me. I have followed all their rules. Fair is fair."

"Like I said the officers did a thorough investigation and found they were not in violation. Although they do have some sexually oriented items - their percentage of adult items were not substantial or significant enough to make a difference and put them in that category," said Loftin.

A spokesperson for Cindie's told 7 News they consider themselves a lingerie and novelty store. Loftin said the city will continue to follow up any complaints or concerns to make sure the law is followed.

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