Cypress Cove Elementary, ready for nearly 500 registered children

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Students from Frasch Elementary, W.T. Henning and Vincent Settlement will be joining the students from D.S. Perkins Elementary - all attending the new school Cypress Cove Elementary.  Classes begin August 15th, 2011.

The Principal of Cypress Cove Elementary, Gloria Marcantel, says that the staff has been working all summer to prepare because of the influx of new students from the aforementioned schools.

Last year there were two classrooms for each grade level and this year there will be three classrooms for each grade level.  Some of the changes to the school made for a 30% increase in faculty and staff.

Marcantel says, "We have 11 new teachers.  We have 2 new janitors. We have a new cafeteria manager. And we have 2 new paraprofessionals on staff".

Laura Falati, from New Orleans, is engaged to a Sulphur man and just recently moved here.  She watched Cypress Cove being built and was thrilled to get her chance, "I wished that I could teach at Cypress. And once I moved here, I was so honored and blessed to have the opportunity to be teaching at Cypress Cove as a Kindergarten teacher".

Trina Gann used to teach at Vincent Settlement Elementary but was displaced as soon as the rezoning happened.  She was happy to find her place at Cypress Cove.

Pam LeDoux, Principal at Vincent Settlement Elementary, says she was sad to see her teachers go and will miss nearly 200 students from her roster this year. But LeDoux adds that she is happy for Cypress Cove getting some great teachers and students. Vincent Settlement Elementary officials say they are still there to teach their students, whoever they may be, and give them the best education that they can.