How often to wash hair

To wash or not to wash? People debate how often to wash your hair and what really makes it healthy. Dermatologist Dr. Kevin Guidry, Dermatology Associates of SWLA, believes daily washing is the way to go, but added "not everybody needs to wash everyday."

Conflicting information can confuse already concerned hair care enthusiasts, but hair stylist Blane Bourgeois explains, "basically it is like your skin type on your face. People use different makeup because they have dry skin or oily skin and so the same thing goes for your scalp."

Dr. Guidry said the reason we wash our hair is to get rid of naturally produced yeast and bacteria build up on the scalp.

"A lot of scalp problems are made worse by the overgrowth of those particular organisms and daily washing removes them," said Dr. Guidry.

Sometimes it is not how often you wash, but how well you rinse

"For the shampoo residue to stay in your hair…you make your hair look oily and dirty if you don't rinse it our thoroughly," said Bourgeois.

He said massaging shampoo into the scalp can have a number of benefits including hair growth, and increased bloodflow .

"most people tend to get in the shower likity split and don't spend much time massaging your scalp to get the blood flow going," added Bourgeois.

The wrong shampoo can irritate your scalp and cause it to flake or itch.

"People can be allergic to shampoo preservatives and fragrances. They can actually hurt themselves by putting those on their skin and their scalp," explained Dr. Guidry.

The season can also be a big factor in hair health. A dry winter means you can get away with washing less than a hot humid summer.

Bourgeois also recommends that swimmers drenched their hair in the shower before diving into the pool. He said hair is like a sponge and when dry can soak up the chlorine and other drying chemicals in the pool water.

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