Body found just across Texas line

Newton County, Texas - Officials in Texas located the remains of a body on Wednesday morning. Authorities in Beauregard Parish say they believe the remains could be those of Jerry Keel, a Merryville man who has been missing for weeks.

The remains were found Wednesday morning west of the Sabine River Bridge in the woods just east of Quicksand Creek.

It all started earlier this morning when authorities say a young man told his aunt that he had killed Jerry Keel.  Authorities say the young man took them to the place where he said the body had been left, but they found nothing.  Eventually Newton County officials went further west as Sheriff Joe Walker explains.  "We've discovered a body or the remains of a body, the bones and what have you, the twisted story of a man who went missing out of Merryville, Louisiana."

Walker says a Texas game warden is actually the one who found the skeletal remains about 10:30 in the morning in the woods. Walker says the young man they've been questioning allegedly confessed to his aunt. "The aunt has told us and as well the authorities in Louisiana, that this young man has confessed to her that he has killed his uncle." Reporter: "Did he indicate a motive or anything like that?"  "No," said the sheriff.

At one point, the young man brought authorities to a site near the Sabine River to search, but no body was found. Later Newton county authorities went further west just east of Quicksand Creek and Walker says that's when the remains were found.  Calcasieu forensics has been called in to help with the recovery of the remains and crime scene evidence. Authorities believe the bones are scattered due to animals.  "Nothing's been removed. When the forensic unit gets through they will actually take GPS coordinates and they will lay this thing out so when the day comes for court they'll be able to bring a jury right back here and establish where every single bone was found, " said Walker.

Investigators with Newton County,  as well as forensic people from Calcasieu Parish, expect to be out here at least until dark as they try to find the remains of the victim and determine what may have happened. "We don't know how he died. His body's been here a month. We're dealing with nothing but skeletal remains. There's no way to tell if he's been shot or stabbed or strangled. It's going to be something hopefully our coroner can try to figure out what, how he died," said Walker.

Again the man who is a person of interest had not been put under arrest but was only undergoing questioning. Beauregard parish, Merryville Police, Calcasieu Sheriff's Department Forensics and Newton County authorities are all working together to solve this crime..

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