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Tropical Storm Emily on path toward Haiti

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Rain and wind from the outer bands of Tropical Storm Emily hit Puerto Rico on Tuesday as the storm system heads toward the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Emily is headed toward the island of Hispaniola with an uncertain future after that.  If Emily survives the trip across the island she may restrengthen and head to the north as forecasted by the National Hurricane Center.  However Hispaniola has a long history of destroying tropical systems that have passed over the mountainous island.  The highest peak is over 10,000 feet tall; and this disrupts the circulation of a tropical system. 

Right now Emily poses no threat to Southwest Louisiana; but you can count on us here at KPLC to keep you posted with the latest information on Emily.

The KPLC Hurricane Center has more details including an interactive tracker to follow Emily with; click here to go to the website:; You can also check out the KPLC Weather Blog by clicking here:

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