Six months since Dry Creek Fire, investigation ongoing

DRY CREEK, LA (KPLC) - It's been nearly six months since a fire in Dry Creek, where a mother and her two daughters were found dead inside. The investigation into the fire is still ongoing, but the husband and father of the victim's is speaking publicly for the first time about his loss and the community that helped get him through this difficult time.

"I remember the call that morning of February 2nd. It was a call that changed my entire world," said Scott Kreuzberger. "I was working offshore and it took me five hours to get here. When I saw the house and reality set in of what had happened."

Scott's wife Patricia, 30, and his two daughters Mya, 10, and Nichole, 5, were all found dead inside.

"At first I took it day by day. I had a lot of support from family and friends. Plus, the community of Dry Creek have been great, especially my church family. They all rallied around us and let me know they were there for me and my son," said Kreuzberger.

Kreuzberger recalled talking with his daughters and wife the day before the fire around 3:30 p.m.

"My youngest daughter got on the phone. She was like - daddy I'm ready for you to come. My oldest daughter said the same thing. My wife told me she was ready to see me tomorrow because that was the day I was supposed to come home," said Kreuzberger.

Kreuzberger said his 10-year-old son was a special school for autistic children at the time of the fire. He said it's been hard for him to understand, but that he is coping well.

"He is doing fine. We both have good days and bad days. He was angry at first because he didn't understand what happened," said Kreuzberger. "Some days I wake up and have to remind myself what happened. I'll hear the bus coming up the street and expect to see the girls running off. It's hard to deal with because everywhere I look I'm reminded of my family."

According to investigators the home had no working gas, but did have a fire place that was rarely used. At this time investigators are calling the fire "suspicious," but have not elaborated on why.

"When it comes to the investigation, I know about as much as I did the day it happened. At first I asked why? Why would something like that happen? But you know there is a lot of things we may never understand," said Kreuzberger.

Meanwhile Kreuzberger would like to thank his family, friends and community for their overwhelming support. "I was just in aww by the amount of support I got and the love shown to my family. They gave us food and sent stuff home with me everywhere I went. People invited me to stay at their house. I hope I can one day return the favor if anyone is in need. I love my community," said Kreuzberger.

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