Edwin Edwards addresses the media before his birthday party

New Orleans, LA (KPLC) - Former Governor Edwin Edwards spoke with the media at the Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans on Saturday, July 30 just before his birthday celebration, to explain controversial situations during his time in office.

Edwards explained that he was responsible for only one gambling situation in Louisiana—the casino in New Orleans. He said many critics of the casino claimed him to be a heavy gambler, earning him the nickname "The Gambling Governor."

"The casino generated more than $600 million in tax revenues for the state," Edwards said. He also said elected officials after him who claimed they'd get rid of the gambling issue didn't do a thing about it.

"Why don't they just say it like it is and recognize this is something they can't do, and people don't it done and let it go," he said.

The press conference marked the first public statements by Edwards since his marriage to Trina Grimes on Friday, July 29.

Edwards' biographer Leo Honeycutt said Edwards' book proved to be a success. "I never meant to be a matchmaker," Honeycutt joked about how Grimes read the biography leading her to meet Edwards while he was still in jail, and sparking their relationship.

Honeycutt said a second book is in the works and will contain more pictures from Edwards' life from when he was governor and up until his recent marriage.

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