Calcasieu Animal Services: Surprising numbers of intake

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Employees at Calcasieu Animal Services love animals and finding them good homes. Officials there say one of the hardest parts of the job is having to put an animal down because it wasn't able to be placed.

"You want to save them all, but you can't. It's very hard and it brings you to tears a lot of times because they are all good animals and would make great pets," said David Doucet, Calcasieu Animal Officer.

Last year Animal Services responded to 25,000 calls. In the month of June alone they took in 1,129 animals. Also in June: 133 animals were adopted and 747 euthanized.

"That's why we always stress adopting a pet. We have so many up here - all different breeds. But it's also important to spay and neuter your pets to control the pet population," said Tiffany Gardner, With Calcasieu Animal Services.

Calcasieu Animal Officer David Doucet has had to put so many good pets down because they couldn't find a home.

"The hardest part is having to walk them to the back when they don't get adopted and they have to go to the back for euthanization. It's not a pretty sight. Each time it pulls at my heart strings because they all deserve a home," said Doucet.

Animal Services has so many good animals up for adoption. They have all kinds of breeds and will help you find that perfect pet for your family.

"Adoptive pets know they are special. They just know where they came from and they know when somebody takes them in and takes good care of them and gives them a good place to stay. They are so loyal and so obedient and just make the best pets," said Gardner.

"You just have to come in and look and just be responsible when you do pick them up. They need love too," said Doucet.

To adopt a pet you can visit Calcasieu Animal Services at 5500 Swift Plant Road or call them at 721-3730. They also have a facebook page with pictures of the animals that are up for adoption.

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