Parish property auctioned off to highest bidder

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Some people got some amazing deals on Parish-owned property because other people failed to pay their property taxes. The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury held a public Adjudicated Property Sale Tuesday afternoon that had some 20 properties up for grabs.

"We had a lot of property on the list today, but only eight sales were made. That's better than nothing," said Natasha Willis, with Calcasieu Parish.

Willis explained there is no minimum bid and properties were sold to the highest bidder without an appraisal. The deposit is $75 per property. In the event that more than one offer for a particular property is received, only parties who originally submitted an offer with the required deposit for the property in question will be allowed to submit additional verbal bids.

"We actually have some auctions that go on for a while because people are bidding on them. Some properties only have one bidder and go for $200. We had one property that went for $48,000 today. You just never know," said Willis.

In order for a property to be scheduled for sale and classified as adjudicated the owner must owe at least three years in back taxes. According to Willis there is a lot of property up for grabs and even more that will soon qualify in the adjudicated property program.

Click here for an interactive parish map that lists the adjudicated properties. Willis said is a work in progress and is updated on a regular basis. They plan to have another scheduled adjudicated property sale in October.

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