Two remain at large after Royer Loop home invasion

© All photos courtesy of Bridget Guidry
© All photos courtesy of Bridget Guidry

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) –Two people are in jail and two are still on the run after a tense morning for residents off Royer Loop near Sulphur. In the neighborhood much of the morning. Those who live in this quiet community north of Sulphur suddenly found the neighborhood full of patrol cars from the Calcasieu Sheriff's Department.

It started around 5:30 a.m. when a resident discovered a man inside his home while the rest of his family was sleeping. The intruder, who was believed to be armed, was picked up by a car with two men and a woman. The man who discovered an intruder in his home gave chase until those who were still in the car crashed in a neighbors yard. That's when Bridget and Vince Guidry come into the picture.

Said Bridget, "We were awakened to a big boom, boom, boom sound and he said, 'What was that?' I said, 'I don't know.' So we both jumped out of bed, came outside and saw the car sitting on top of the wave runners in the yard."

Bridget took pictures of the car on top of the jet ski's in her front yard. Said Vince, "It was really a shock to wake up and find a car setting in our yard on top of two jet skis we have for sale."

Apparently the home intruder had been dropped off before the car crashed-- the Guidrys say one suspect was apparently too drunk to run, while a man and woman fled into the woods. "They had dropped the guy with the gun at the other end of the road and the three that were here were apparently just picking the guy up," said Vince.

The Guidrys say a pooch named Kevin later drew attention to the man who had fled from the car.  Explains Vince, "The little dog was barking across the street and that's why they looked across the street and found the guy hiding in the weeds."

Such criminal activity is not something the Guidrys expect to see in their neighborhood.  Said Bridget, "It's very scary. No one is safe from crime anywhere these days. You think you live this far out you're not going to have as much but crime goes on everywhere."

At last word two were in custody while the woman and the intruder are still at large. Calcasieu Sheriff's Deputies say 26 year old Jonathan Lejuine of Hackberry and 31 year old Nathan McDonald of DeQuincy are booked into jail for illegal possession of stolen items over fifteen hundred dollars and officials say more charges are pending.

Sixty dollars stolen from the home was returned to the owner.

Here is a news release issued by the Calcasieu Sheriff's Department:

Lake Charles – At around 5:30 a.m. this morning, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched to a home on Royer Loop in Sulphur regarding a report of a burglary in progress.

            The investigation revealed, after walking his dog, the homeowner came back home and encountered an intruder inside his home.  Upon seeing the homeowner, the intruder fled and was quickly picked up outside the house by a car with three other people inside.

            The homeowner followed the car in his truck, which stopped briefly and the intruder jumped out of the car and fled on foot.  Minutes later, the driver lost control, ran off the road and flipped the car.  A woman passenger fled the accident scene on foot.

            The driver of the car, Jonathan R. Lejuine, 26, 217 Channel Drive, Hackberry, and one of the passengers, Nathan W. McDonald, 31, 300 Second Street, DeQuincy, were apprehended at the scene of the accident.

            After an extensive search this morning involving deputies and K-9's, the male intruder and the female passenger are still at large. 

            The investigation revealed the car had been stolen from a home in Sulphur.

            McDonald and Lejuine were both arrested and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged with illegal possession of stolen items over $1,500.  More charges are pending.

Deputies recovered $60 in cash that was stolen from the home and returned to the owner.

            CPSO Detective Rich Callier is the lead investigator on this case. 

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