Family of alleged shooter sends their prayers, speaks out

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's been three days since the double shooting at Ross Dress For Less on West Prien Lake Road in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The family of the alleged shooter spoke with KPLC and expressed their deep regret regarding the actions of their loved one, alleged shooter Sharonda Obey.

Rhonda Allen is Sharonda Obey's mother. We caught up with her tonight as she was reading her bible to Sharonda's 9 year old daughter, Audriana. Allen was heard telling her granddaughter, "There's still a God and something good can still come out of this situation".

That good she is referring to is the message of getting out of domestic violence and getting help for bipolar disorder.  Rhonda says her daughter was diagnosed by her doctor three years ago with bipolar disorder. She says the diagnosis came about after Sharonda attempted suicide. According to her mother, Sharonda has been depressed ever since the death of her other child.

Family says Sharonda got involved with a person who she was deeply in love with. And that love, according to family members, turned deadly. (See web extra for more explanation.)

Police say Sharonda Obey turned herself in.

Here's a mini transcript of what Sharonda Obey's mother had to say:

"The morning that it all happened, I spoke to my daughter. I wasn't aware of any negativity on her mind or that anybody could be harmed or hurt. We had a normal conversation".

Question: Why did you bring her to Ross?

"I just thought I was taking her to a job interview".

Question: What did you think when you saw people running towards the parking lot?

"I knew it was something bad from the look on the people's faces. It was like you were watching a bad show on television. I jumped out of the car to go check on my child."

Question: Didn't you wonder what happened when Sharonda got into the car?

"I didn't question her because of what I had just seen with people running out. That scared me! I wanted to get away from there".

Question: What happened when officers caught up with Sharonda at the bank?

"Told her to lower to the floor and that's when reality hit".

Obey's 9 year old daughter, Audriana Obey says, "I think about not seeing my mom, her being away from me.  She told me that she is sorry to put me in this position and she says that she loves me and asked me to be strong and not to cry".

Audriana Obey's picture is in the American Press as she made the Honor Roll at her elementary school.  Meanwhile, her mom Sharonda Obey is being held on $300,000 bail.