Merryville man reported missing

MERRYVILLE, LA (KPLC) - The family of a missing Merryville man is not giving up hope that he will be found.

Jerry Keel, 54, has been missing for more than two weeks. Family and friends say it's as if he vanished into thin air.

"It's not like him. He normally tells me where he's going," said Keel's sister, Evelyn Nelson.

Nelson said she last saw her brother on July 6th, when he ate dinner at her house. He was suppose to visit her the next day, however he never showed.

Keel was officially reported missing on July 16th.

Neither Keel's family nor police have turned up any clues as to his whereabouts. Family members say they have searched everywhere they could think, even turning to a psychic.

They've had no luck.

Merryville Police searched Keel's trailer home, but did not find anything out of the ordinary or anything suggesting foul play. In addition, Keel's dog and his brown and golden 1990 Chevy Club Cab pickup are also missing.

Keel's family said he hasn't shown up for work or important meetings and they said he appears to be without important high-blood pressure medication.

"He's a kind-hearted person," said Keel's niece Sherry Benard. "He's very friendly and he helps anybody."

Anyone with information about Keel's whereabouts should call the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office.

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