ICK ALERT: Truth about toe jam

"Ears have wax. Belly buttons have lint. Toes have jam," said Dr. Neal Blitz, foot surgeon and contributor to the Huffington Post.

While most particles lurking between toes are from shoes or socks, "sometimes it could be a little bit more. It could be moisture that accumulates between toes..when the tissue turns white and skin gets kind of pruney kind of like when you get in the tub for too long," said Dr. Tyson Green, foot and ankle specialist at Center for Orthopedics in Lake Charles.

The moisture accumulation can cause skin to flake. Dr. Green says lotion between toes is just over kill.

"It is already moist enough and a lot of the time we create excessive moisture," explained Dr. Green.

The crevices between your little piggies can be a breeding ground for bacteria or fungus. Dr. Green said to watch out for, "redness or irritation around it. If it itches a lot or if there's any skin break down or bleeding or fissures that is probably something that's not normal."

He recommends drying between toes carefully after a bath or shower.

"We are real quick to just pat and just put socks on. When you do that you retain moisture between the toes," said Dr. Green.

Scabies, a highly contagious mite infestation of the skin, is a rare cause of toe jam.

"Most of the time it is a fungal infection if it is a problem. Sometimes it could be just excessive sweating or moisture and then that becomes a problem," said Dr. Green.

Foot powder or antiperspirant can take care of sweating. While jam certainly has an "ew" factor, is it really a health problem?

"Overall if it is just lint build up and things like that it's not a medical emergency," said Dr. Green.

He added that hygiene keeps the jam at bay and your toes happy.

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