City working to complete E. McNeese Street Project

The following is a joint news release from The City of Lake Charles and The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury:

Lake Charles - The City of Lake Charles and the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury are coordinating their efforts regarding major infrastructure projects that, when completed, will provide many long-range benefits to the residents of Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish.

The City is responsible for constructing the first mile of the E. McNeese St. extension from Hwy. 14 eastward to the city limit line.  The Police Jury is responsible for constructing the remaining two mile section of E. McNeese St. to Hwy. 397.  The Police Jury is also responsible for construction of the Corbina Rd. extension, including its intersection with E. McNeese St.

In addition to the new road construction, public water and sewerage are being extended along E. McNeese St. eastward to where it will intersect Corbina Rd.  Road construction and utility extensions are being paid for by both the City and the Parish through the City's Bond Issue initiative and the Parish's sales tax.

The City recently completed its one mile section, which is a Bond Issue road project that includes water and sewer improvements.  This section of the extension will remain closed until Phase 1 of the Police Jury's two mile section of the E. McNeese St. extension project is complete.

E. McNeese St. Extension Project - 2

The Parish's current phase of work includes the construction of a roundabout intersection at E. McNeese St. and Corbina Rd with water and sewerage improvements.  This phase is scheduled to be completed in June, 2012, after which E. McNeese St. will be opened from Hwy. 14 to Hwy. 397.

The Parish is scheduled to complete the extension of Corbina Rd. from Hwy. 14 to E. Prien Lake Rd. by June, 2013.

These visionary infrastructure projects will provide many benefits for local transportation and economic growth, including:
• Extension of a local transportation route (McNeese St.), which will connect two existing state routes (Hwy. 14 and Hwy. 397) and Interstate 10;
• Extension of water and sewerage utilities to enhance economic growth and property values;
• New access to large areas for future development which will be located near several transportation routes;
• Roundabout construction at McNeese St. and Corbina Rd. intersection, which will improve traffic safety and flow;
• Coordinated planning efforts between the City and the Parish, to ensure effective traffic flow, drainage, water, sewerage, and other features for the present and the future.

Said Mayor Roach:
"The City of Lake Charles and the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury have partnered on a three mile extension of E. McNeese St. from Hwy. 14. to Hwy. 397 which, when open, will provide for a new corridor of growth and economic development in the City and Parish.  The City is pleased to be working in partnership with the Police Jury on this project and looks forward to other, future joint endeavors"

Said President Guy Brame:
"This joint project with the City is a shining example of our two government entities collaborating together; working to achieve the primary goal of providing opportunities for progress."