Homeless seek refuge from the heat

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The current heat wave is making millions of people uncomfortable, but can you imagine being homeless in weather like this?

For many Americans, no dreaming is required. It's reality.

Locally, shelters are filling up with homeless men and women seeking refuge from the scorching temperatures.

Earl Melvin Wiltz, manager of The Lord's Place, a men's shelter, said all 26 beds at his facility are full.

"A month ago, I had a lot of beds," said Wiltz. "Then when July came, it got real hot and that's when a lot of people started coming in."

Now, like he does every winter, Wiltz has no choice than to turn the homeless away.

"I have to recommend them to another shelter," said Wiltz.

Carlton Monta, who lives and works at the shelter, know what men and women with nowhere to turn must feel right now.

"I know it's hot, mainly when it gets around 99 or 100 degrees," said Monta. "I know it's scorching hot."

The men who stay at The Lord's Place are required to either look for work or have some kind of steady income.

Even when there are no available beds, shelter officials will still allow homeless men to take showers and eat a home-cooked meal.

For more information or to donate to the shelter, call The Lord's Place at 494-6277.

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