Finding a job and over 55 years old, Experience Works program

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - UPDATE: The Lake Charles office says to first register by calling 866-976-5939. The Lake Charles contact information is 337-433-4243.


It's supposed to be the golden years, but many seniors have found themselves looking for work again. And thanks to the program called Experience Works, seniors are being trained to re-enter the workforce.

Doris Crowell and Margret Guidry are both are employees and clients of the Experience Works program. Their office is located just off Broad Street in Downtown Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Crowell shared that due to the fact she found herself to be single once again, she needed more income to supplement what she was getting from social security checks.

The census bureau says between 2000 and 2010, the population 45-64 years old grew 31.5 percent to 81.5 million.

Now that age group makes up more than 26 percent of the population.

Guidry says, "I knew I needed to do something. I needed to get out in the work world because I had retired. When I found out about this program (Experience Works), it was just awesome".

Another senior who is 77 years of age, Helen Thomas credits her new work attitude to not only being wiser but to the great coworkers at The Children's Museum. She, too, found work through a program like Experience Works for seniors.

Experience Works is a national organization that also offers the Senior Community Service Employment Program. Here's a little more about that program:

Senior Community Service Employment Program

We've provided a link to the Experience Works website on our LINKS page.