Swamp People's Liz visits Lake Area

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The History's Channel "Swamp People" has made a splash into pop culture. And while we've seen several of the men from the reality show make their way to the Lake Area. Saturday we caught up with the Swamp's Gator Queen Liz Choate as she greeted a long line of fans at an event at U.S. Agencies in Sulphur. Liz said she's still getting used to all the attention.

"I would have never thought I would be doing this in a million years," said Liz. "I love the little kids. They are like Miss Liz, Miss Liz. They are so excited. I love it. It's been nice meeting everybody. The people are wonderful."

Liz rides the swamps of South Louisiana with Troy. Quick with a rifle, Troy dubbed her the "Gator Queen."

"Troy put that nickname on me. And it just stuck," laughed Liz.

Fans of the show can't get enough of the duo.

"I like watching Liz and Troy because they catch the gators. They know where they're at," said George Blofeld.

Swamp People souvenirs flew off the rack. Liz was never too busy to shake a hand, take a picture or sign an autograph.

"Me and the girls watch it every week," said Stephanie Lovell. "It was so nice to meet her. She was really cool."

Taking her new found celebrity in stride, fans said Liz is just as down to earth as in person as she is on TV.

"You can see they really enjoy what they do and they haven't let fame go to their heads," said Mattie Daigle.

While the show is entertaining, Liz maintains it's the real deal.

"It's definitely real. When you are out there with a gator on the line it is very real," said Liz.

Her biggest catch was a near 14-footer. But Liz admits it was another gator last year that nearly got the best of her.

"I was with my brother and I shot an 11-foot gator in a hard spot in the head. I missed the good kill spot. He got really angry, went down and came back up. He was banging against the boat. Joe flew in the back and I flew into the front. It was scary. He went back down. Then I put him out," said Liz.

Liz said she looks forward to an upcoming third season. However, the jury is still out if Troy is going to change that lucky shirt - even though fans have bought him a new one.

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