Assets and Competitive Advantages:

Companies and the military rely on Chennault's continued facility support for their global operations.

Some of Chennault's assets and competitive advantages include the following:

  • A 10,700 x 200-foot runway capable of accommodating very large commercial and military aircraft
  • A 1.5 million square-feet of hanger and building space - $100 million in hangars and buildings
  • Basic aviation infrastructure – runway, ramps, taxiways – 60 acres of concrete
  • Location – near port, interstate and railways
  • State and local incentives – such as "Fast Start" workforce training program
  • Workforce training available on site
  • Foreign trade zone

As you are aware, Chennault International Airport Authority has spurred millions of dollars in private and public investment, generated hundreds of millions in profits and tax revenues, and produced thousands of jobs for SWLA. We also know Chennault's greatest potential lies ahead of us.