Chennault Means Jobs

Chennault International Airport Authority has one mission: to create jobs for the people of Southwest Louisiana.

In fact, its mission statement reads as follows: "The Authority created pursuant hereto shall be established for the primary object and purpose of stimulating and encouraging the development of an industrial park for economic development through commerce, industry and research and for the utilization and development of natural and human resources of the area and provide job opportunities."

You don't have to be employed by the aerospace industry to benefit from having Chennault in our own backyard. To illustrate, a recent economic impact study by McNeese State University shows that from 1987 to 2010, Chennault International Airport has had a $5.5 Billion total impact on the area's economy. That translates to thousands of jobs for people living in SWLA.

As an industrial center, Chennault is home to Aeroframe Services LLC, Northrop Grumman's J-STARS operation and KC-10 operation, Louisiana Millwork, and Million Air. These companies put Lake Charles on the map internationally, as well as provide much needed jobs to our people.