City opening up Lakefront Promenade to vendors

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - While the city works to get real development along the Lake Charles Lakefront they're seeking out temporary vendors to make the experience along the Promenade more enjoyable.

"Anything to get more people out here to enjoy the sunshine and walk and just enjoy the beautiful scenery," said Wendy Robinson.

Vendors and entertainment drew a big crowd at the Promenade's grand opening last fall. City officials hope the excitement by vendors and others will encourage more people to visit the lakefront. Business hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Vendors would have to have proof of a valid occupational license and proof of valid health certificate, if required by applicable law regulation.

The leases are for 90 days and cost $25 without electricity and $50 with electricity. Each vendor would be assigned a certain spot along the Promenade.

Those we talked have already put their order in for what they would like to see.

"Water and hot dogs," said Vernon Tassin. "I get thirsty and hungry while I fish along the Promenade. I think it would be great."

"I would like to see somebody selling ice cream," said Pilar Bossano.

"I would like to see some water or natural juices. Something healthy," said Emilio Hidalgo.

"People selling water. Probably some things on more on the healthy side because people are out here trying to exercise and stay healthy so smoothies things like that," said Robinson.

Lakefront Promenade Itinerant Vendors Site Permit Rules & Regulations:

Must have the following when you apply for a permit:

• Proof of a valid occupational license to be displayed in a conspicuous place on premises where business is being conducted

• Proof of valid health certificate, if required by applicable law or regulation

• Photocopy of valid form of identification for business owner and/or operator

• Color photographs showing different views of the vending vehicle or device, and

dimensioned sample or rendering of proposed signage

• Proof of Insurance and indemnification form naming the City of Lake Charles as

additional insured

• Acknowledgment of Receipt of Vendor Rules and Regulations Form

• Menu and prices of items to be sold.

1. Obtain conditional use site permit from the office of the Lake Charles Civic Center during normal business hours:

900 Lakeshore Drive

Lake Charles, LA 70601

(337) 491-1256

2. Downtown Development Authority has right to review, approve, deny or make recom- mendation for revocation of vendor site permit for vendors operating on the Lakefront Promenade.

3. Take conditional site permit & all required documentation to:

City of Lake Charles

326 Pujo Street, 6th floor

Phone: 491-1442

Once reviewed/approved, pay fees in accordance with #4 at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

4. Fees:

• $25 for Vendors who do not require electrical use

• $50 for Vendors requiring electrical use

Once reviewed/approved, pay fees in accordance with #4 at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

5. Permit good for 90 days.

6. Electricity only; no water or additional lighting.


7. Hours of Operation 7 A.M. until 10 P.M.

8. Booth/Station Appearance & Trash:

• Each vendor responsible for disposing of their own trash

• Trash cans will be provided throughout the park area

• At close of business day vendor must pull any full bags & replace with clean bag & place bags in dumpsters

• Vendor responsible for overall cleaning of the permitted area

• Failure to maintain permitted area in a clean & sanitary manner may result in

assessment of clean up fee & ultimately may be grounds to terminate and/or not

reissue another permit

9. Fire Safety:

• Tent vendors required to use flame retardant tents & must obtain prior approval from the City's Chief of Fire Prevention

• All vendors must have at least one (1) Class ABC fire extinguisher per location

• Propane tanks must be secured and/or fastened in place to prevent tampering or damage

10. Vendors responsible for collecting & remitting applicable sales tax on all sales at all of their locations.

11. No Refunds.

12. Sale of alcohol prohibited except for special events which require separate licenses and permits.

13. Number of vendors may be limited at any one location or within an area.

14. Vendors may be subject to penalties ranging from warnings to evictions for violations of codes, rules, regulations or mandates specified by the City of Lake Charles.

15. The City of Lake Charles has the right to timely notification to Promenade vendors of upcoming events that will prevent them from operating on specific dates. Every attempt will be made to allow vendors to operate on an alternate site.

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