HUD extends negotiations with Cypress but will City Council?

Just when we thought negotiations with the Cypress Group were finished, the company said they've received an extension for their funding application to HUD. You'll remember HUD denied their application making their contract with the city to build the Lakeside development null and void.

Since then the city has put the track of land south of the Lake Charles Civic Center back on the market. Councilman Vice President Mark Eckard wants to give them another shot to work things out with HUD and possibly make their Lakeside development a reality, but not everyone on the council agrees.

"Cypress has received an extension from HUD to address some of the issues in their application. A lot of time and effort and money has been expended on this project so we want to see it to completion. I think we can give them every benefit of the doubt to get this project completed," said Eckard.

"You know we have already voted on the contract and I'm sorry they didn't like how the council voted. I'm sure they want to change it and we voted we weren't going to change it," said Dana Carl Jackson, Lake Charles City Council.

"I just don't see where we are being fair. If we are just going to concentrate on this one licensed company and not give the same opportunity to someone else," said Luvertha August, Lake Charles City Council.

"At the appropriate time we either vote it up or vote it down. That's the bottom line. We will either proceed or not proceed. And it's going to take the council majority vote to make it happen or not make it happen," said Rodney Geyen, Lake Charles City Council.

The proposed ordinance to give the Cypress Group more time to entertain their options with HUD will be voted on at the city council's regular meeting on Wednesday, August 3rd.

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