Residents concerned with conditions of Beauregard Parish road

LONGVILLE, LA (KPLC) - A highly traveled road in Beauregard Parish has residents concerned for the safety of commuters and thru traffic.

Longville road in south Beauregard Parish is often used as a short cut route between Dry Creek and Longville. Residents are concerned with the current road conditions as pot holes and loose gravel have worsened.

Commuters are beginning to fear for their safety after a handful of accidents have recently occurred on this road.

"It's terrible, the road is just out of shape," said Brian Dycus, a concerned resident from Longville. "There's been two very bad wrecks in one distinct area and someone's going to get killed if nothing is done about it."

Beauregard Parish does perform patchwork on immediate road problems. But according to parish administrators, Ward 8 does not have the funds to properly repair the road.

"People don't want the tax to be any higher, but that's the only way we can get better roads," said John Brown, BPPJ Road Foreman.

Beauregard Parish officials said that until residents agree to pay a higher tax, the key to making the road safer is for motorists to slow down and drive the speed limit.

"Anytime a vehicle hits it, you can see pieces of the road just going away," Brown said. "If people could slow down on the road it would help out a lot."

The cost to pave one mile of a road is $32,000. Beauregard Parish officials said that in one year they could repave three miles of road. However, a project that huge would almost be breaking the budget.

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