Cattle producers want rainfall now

KINDER, LA (KPLC) - The McNeese Fuller Teaching and Research Farm in Kinder held their beef cattle field day. While officials wished more producers came out to hear about the new technology and what great things are happening profit wise in the industry, the drought was on everyone's mind.

Farmers are in need of rainfall badly. Some agricultural officials like Dr. Chip LeMieux of McNeese State University Agricultural department says, "Cattle producers that are counting on rainfall for grass and hay production are being hurt right now."

With regards to rainfall, we are nearly 11 inches below normal for this time of year.  And Dr. Tom Shields, also of McNeese State University Agricultural department said it is the end of the summer grazing season and he fears that any seed popping out now will just lay dormant and wait to grow next year.

With grass and hay being the main feed option for cattle, and the rainfall being so minimal, producers have to dig into their pockets to pay for feed.  This can become costly.

And if you are wondering how this story applies to you if you are not a farmer, Dr. LeMieux had this to say,"Well, because you eat everyday don't you? And if we don't have water to get our crops to grow, all your grain prices are going to go up. Food prices will be going up. At the supermarket you are going to say 'why does everything cost so much?'