SWLA celebrates Red, White, Blue and You

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Fireworks displays are a pleasure to watch from any vantage point and setting up the displays takes a real pro.  Earlier, we met up with Pyrotechnical engineer James Alexander. He is the head of the pyrotechnic event at the Lake Charles Civic Center.  The fireworks will be launched from a barge in the middle of the lake.

Alexander says that fireworks are actually explosives.  In this case, they are class 1.3 explosives with different size shells.  These shells have fuses that will be lit electronically. The bigger the shell the bigger the blast.

The Coast Guard did their inspection of the barge to make sure the vessel is up to their standards and that all safety equipment is okay.

For folks heading out to see the fireworks display at 9:15pm, the shells will be set to go off on a timer. Alexander says that he has a few surprises in store when it comes to the shapes of what one will see in the night sky.

The city is also looking out for boaters who sailed in for the event by leaving the waterways open until midnight so they may return home.

In case you are wondering, a burn ban does not play into the fireworks display tonight. Since it is over water and the distance is carefully measured from the bridge and land, city officials say spectators will be completely safe.