Lake Arthur Freedom Fest to boost local revenue

Lake Arthur Freedom Fest to boost local revenue

LAKE ARTHUR, LA (KPLC) - It's the 1st annual Freedom Fest for the city of Lake Arthur, Louisiana.

Boats headed in from the Lake Arthur Boat Club to Lake Arthur Park to receive their blessing.

Mayor Robert Bertrand says today's festivities were meant to be a celebration of independence; a celebration of our veterans and a glimpse for visitors to recognize the charm and beauty of Lake Arthur.

Bertrand credits Freedom Feast along with Memorial Day's The Regatta to newly formed group Team LA.  The group was formed in late 2010. They plan on ending the year with an outdoor sportsman event.  All revenues made from these three events will go back into an event fund for next year.  The mayor says that once the event fund has a decent nest egg, the city will then use some of that nest egg money to improve the city's infrastructures like the aging water system.

The mayor wants people to be reminded tourism equals sales tax dollars and sales tax dollars equals more money for the city.

Bertrand says, "About 2-3 months ago, our beach was gone. We brought in 1500 tons of white sand to redevelop the beach. Ever since we did that, I had to hire people on the weekends to come in and clean the place up. It's like the word is getting out we have beautiful surroundings here."

That sand was brought in from Ouiska Chitto aka Whiskey Chitto.

When asked what the six month old mayor plans leaving as his legacy once his term is over, Bertrand replied, "to let people know what we have so there's more of an influx. Maybe someone will see the opportunity/need to put a motel here."

In the last few months, places likes SCOOPS ice cream parlour has opened up in downtown.  And in the next few weeks, The Lake Arthur Regatta Seafood and Steakhouse hopes to open its doors adjacent to Lake Arthur Park.