Drought conditions require structure closures at Lacassine Pool

LACASSINE, LA (KPLC) - Officials with the Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge said several water control structures with boat crossings within the Lacassine Pool are being closed Monday due to low water conditions because of the lack of rainfall.

The Lacassine Pool, which is a man-made impoundment, is nearly three feet below typical summer water levels. The pool has received only about ten inches of rainfall in 2011. It typically sees an average of more than thirty inches of rain during the first six months of a typical year.

Lack of rain, combined with high temps and vegetation growth will continue to reduce water levels even further through evaporation during the summer.

Officials say only significant rainfall could alleviate the current low water levels.

The structures to be closed include the two boat crossings in the new east-west cross levee, the northern Tidewater road boat crossing, and the Tidewater Road east boat launch.

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