S.P. Arnett Middle School gets torn down

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - On Sulphur Avenue in Westlake, the old building of S.P. Arnett Middle School is being torn down.

The building had served as Westlake's Middle School since 1967. Before that the school served as the city's K-12 high school.

Beverly and Donald Guthrie, stopped by to reminisce about their 50 year class reunion that was held in 2010.  They stopped by the old school just to take pictures near the walkway.

Meanwhile, sisters Valerie (14yrs old) and Nicole Hogan (17yrs old) pulled in to take photos of the school they more recently attended. Valerie just left S.P. Arnett Middle School this year as the school's last 8th grade class graduated.

The contractor for the job is Salvage Nine out of Gulfport, Mississippi. The owner, Ronald Jefferson, says he plans on salvaging everything from the building and sending all parts to help with the recovery effort in Haiti.

One school official says that there will be an open air pavillion, six basketball courts and a walking track for students to use once the space is cleared and rebuilding becomes underway.

The building is expected to be completely demolished by August 1st.