Grand Lake Pontoon Bridge reopens

GRAND LAKE, LA (KPLC) - After months of repair work and several more weeks of delays the Grand Lake Pontoon Bridge finally reopened Sunday afternoon to vehicle and boat traffic. For the past few months traffic has been diverted the long way around which in some cases would take 15 to 20 minutes longer and use more gas than normal.

The extra delays were due to an accident involving a barge that damaged the pilings. We caught up with drivers as they were realizing the bridge was now open again.

"My husband gets a text when the bridge is opened back up. I called my mom as soon as my husband called me and she was excited. My sister came to pick up her kids and she didn't have to go all the way around. We are all very excited. It's a small thing but it is going to make life so much easier," said Rhonda Stephenson, Big Lake resident.

"The people of this area are going to be so happy. Absolutely! It saves them so much commute and it's been really amazing to watch these guys working on the bridge. They are out here every day. They are working hard. They are out here until dusk. These guys have worked really hard to get this open. It's been really amazing to watch them," said Carolyn Daigle, Grand Lake resident.

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