Cormie's Grocery destroyed by fire

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A mainstay in south Lake Charles, Cormie's Grocery on Big Lake Road burned to the ground early Friday morning.

Family members gathered Friday morning to see what, if anything, could be salvageable amid the debris.  Tabitha Cormie, wife of current owner Chris Cormie, says she and her husband had gotten a couple of calls from their security company last night alerting them to alarms going off at the store.  When Tabitha and Chris arrived, they were frightened to see how much fire and smoke had overtaken the building.

So much of the smoke had entered Tabitha's lungs that she had begun to lose her voice when speaking of the incident. "It was just so very scary to see the building with so much flames shooting."

Chief of Fire Prevention T.A. Jones and other fire officials were on hand to assess damage and point of origin.

There was blackened concrete, melted grocery carts and piles of charred debris everywhere.

People who passed by told us Cormie's Grocery was a place where you could wash your car, groom your pet, get gas and eat real food.

Fire officials want to stress they have not determined an official cause of the fire.

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