Judge puts LC sex offender ordinance on hold

A state district judge issued a temporary restraining order on Thursday, preventing the City of Lake Charles from implementing, at least for the moment, a controversial sex offender ordinance.

Judge Mike Canaday issued the order after a request from Clinton Fruge, a Lake Charles sex offender.

Fruge filed suit against the City of Lake Charles last month over its sex offender registration ordinance. The ordinance, which was passed in January, requires sex offenders residing in city limits to pay a $600 registration fee. The previous fee (and current until a judge decides otherwise) was $60.

Fruge claims the ordinance is unconstitutional.

With his order Thursday, Judge Canaday prevents the City from implementing the ordinance until a hearing is held on Aug. 8th at 8:00 a.m.

At that hearing, the judge will decide whether to issue an injunction or let the City go ahead and implement the ordinance while the suit is being decided.

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